Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have you ever worried about your words dying with you?
Have you worried that the thoughts in your head will be the end of you?
Have you worried that loss of your soul won't leave a scar on the universe?
Have you ever felt so disconnected from the world that even the heaviest storms don't seem to wet your skin?
Have you ever felt so weak that your own skin weighed you down?
Have you ever gotten so frustrated that you want to tear off your skin?
Have you ever been so sick of the path of your life that you're desperate to try anything to make a difference?
Have you ever wished for a catastrophe?

The sky is a different blue tonight. The stars seem to shine bright despite the over-lit streets. The air stinks optimism and the litter on the roads spell creativity. It feels like the entire universe is begging for a new start, and so am I. It's time I overcome this resistance of my soul. It's time I start building a road for myself. It's time I start fulfilling my duty to the universe.


  1. Kinda dark, gives goosebumps, but from a literary point of view, its superb!

    1. I take that as a compliment, so thank you ! :)

  2. Pretty Awesome! Would love to see more!