Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcoming 2015 with the stars

Full moon - the crescent
Tyre swings - coloured swing sets
First dates -empty seats
Love in the air - love in pages of old books
First fights - fresh tears
First make up party - first breakup
Too many to enjoy - nobody to cry
Daily hangouts - yearly visits
Sunrises - sunsets.

Long distance - inside jokes
Reduced phone calls -  increased selfies
Pages filled with tears - memories strung into words
Lonely nights -  long late night walks
Fights and tears - taunts and giggles.
Stolen nutella - stolen kisses
The crescent - full moon.

I clearly remember her tell me, "Life gets weirder by the day," while all these flashed through my mind. But that's what new year is about; accepting change, expecting more. And tonight as I look up at the stars, I can almost see them giggling back at me saying "you only think you know what's going on, darling!"

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