Friday, October 17, 2014

When the Sky cries...

It's rains like these that intrigue me. The middle-of-nowhere kind. The kind that come at the end of a long day. A day filled with you trying not to hurt the ones that care and trying not to care for the ones that hurt you. When your mind is screaming and you're trying not to explode. The words in your head are trying to pour but you're afraid of losing a part of you with them. You're trying to put your thoughts together but the pieces just don't fit. You feel like the debris after a disaster and you're frantically searching for something worthwhile.
Then when you finally find yourself some time alone, the sky decides to open up. You get the perfect opportunity to watch the beautiful rain. Nobody telling you what to do and what not to. Nobody to bother your flow of thoughts. Nobody to ruin this for you. The rain continues, in more strength than before. It's almost like he's trying hard to tell you something but you just can't decipher. He has a story that no one seems  to listen, and those listening don't seem to understand. He has a lot to teach us. He shows us that you should share joy and brighten lives, but you'll find your stars only in the darkness. But the biggest lesson he teaches us is that it's okay to break down sometimes. It's okay to let go, and stop faking like everything's fine. It's okay to break free of the self-created bonds and try to discover yourself.

So today if you're broken, frustrated, lost, confused, or all of them, just look up! And try listening to the sky. Try taking in what he has to tell you, because remember, your world may seem like it's falling apart and everything around you may have changed, the sky is the only thing that's still the same!