Saturday, June 21, 2014

My words finally found their way out...

 The sky tells me it's almost dawn. My friends living in my phone are screaming at me to sleep. I think my body is begging for sleep too. But I'm too amazed at this silence in my head. There has been this continuous battle between my words and my soul lately. The words want to flow but my soul restricts it. These words have infinite stories to tell, but the soul doesn't like reading. These words tuned itself into songs, but my soul gave up on music.
But tonight, its different. It's quiet in here. Tonight my soul is too broken to fight, and these words are taking advantage. They've found their escape portal, and they want to be heard before this war reignites.

I've read that the mind is a complex maze, and trying to solve it will take you to your deathbed. Some days you believe you have cracked this code but soon, you'll find yourself lost again. I thought I had reached at a settlement with mine. But then I was told my reality wasn't real. Apparently, I was writing a story and the characters didn't really exist. Apparently, I had involved myself so much into my work, I mixed fiction with reality. And apparently, the people I was writing for, weren't too keen about the story. Everything is falling onto me now. This is a weight that my soul can't handle. How much did I miss out in life while living this dream? How much more will I miss trying to heal this broken heart and crushed soul?
I feel another storm swirling in. This time my soul is resisting itself. It's searching for ways to push off the weight. It's searching for ways to feel numb. It's searching for a way to escape this pain through these words. But the words fail. The pain remains. The storm continues.  


  1. so beautiful and meet me soon <3

  2. Wow ! I joined twitter for an induction procedure, and saw ur name in the suggestion column, got the link to your blog, and after reading this, idk what to say ! I'm totally out of words, hehehe ! Is this the same Karunnya ?

    1. I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier. Haha.. Thank you so much! :)