Sunday, November 24, 2013


It was our first day of 11th grade. The first time I noticed you properly. Yes, we did know each other through mutual friends before. But the person whom I saw that day, was the person that changed the way I looked at myself and my life. I was going through a very rough patch, with all my friends leaving for India. I walked into class feeling lost and lonely, and that's when I saw you, jumping at the back of the  class. Your smile and laugh emitting a sense of true joy and innocence. I wanted to feel jealous, but yet, I felt nothing but awe.
Weeks passed and I couldn't stop wondering how could someone be so nice, so pure. I don't remember when we started talking or even when our phonical conversations became frequent. All I know is that you added a new colour to my palette. You showed me a view of life that I had never seen. You showed me that purity did exist. And life could be beautiful, if you wished for it.
With you, I don't have to hide my scars or my flaws. There is something about you that makes me want to be like you. You make me feel like everything can be rectified and everyone is always going to be happy. Two years back and even now, your smile can make my day. It's not like falling in love. With you, it's feeling bliss, it's like being a kid again. I can talk to you for hours and still have so much to say. On my bad days, just hearing your voice can rise my mood. You bring out the best part of me. In fact, you're the best part of me.
I was never really worried about what this distance would do to our friendship. I knew you'd always have effect on me and I knew nobody could scar your innocence. But it still kills me not to get your hugs when I'm whiny. I miss your embarrassed smile when you don't know what so say when I'm crying. I miss jumping around out with you and watching you get shy when someone else sees us going crazy. I miss begging for ice-creams and chocolates with you. I miss poking you and pissing you off. I miss fighting with you about how colour pens are awesome.I miss watching your curious face when I told you I had gossip. I don't know what phase my life would be at if you weren't a part of it. And I don't even want to imagine that.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful person and the purest soul I've known. Happy birthday to my very own "Facebook". I love you so much Fatima, and I hate that I can't be next to you today. Thank you for being there whenever I needed you. I really hope I've been there enough for you too. Thank you for being the best friend I needed. And please don't ever leave me, because I'd be helpless without you.
PS- please don't cry! :*


  1. This is soo heartfelt and nicely written kaanuu :') forget fats, I think I'M going to cry :)) I miss you guys soooo much and I miss these birthdays coming one after another and us being all hyper in school <3 hoping for an awesome reunion in December!

  2. Aww.... Thank you so much saff!! I miss you!!! Definitely we are having a reunion in Dec!! and don't CRY!!!:*

  3. Omg kaaaaaaaaanu :* Thaaaaank you so much! Of course I won't leave you bum , in sha Allah :)
    It's so beautiful mahn :') I WANT TO SEEE YOU NOW. I MISS YOU PRETTY FACE :(
    I can't wait for December. REUNION *_*
    In sha Allah :')
    I love you bum :* And thank you so much. You made my day <3

    1. aww...I'm happy you liked it. I love you..:*

    2. awwwww... :')...karunnya...u r too awesome!!!!! <3 <3<3...

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