Monday, November 4, 2013

Are we home yet?

So close and yet so far,
So many similarities
So many common faces.
With my family by my side
And my friends a missed call away.
With joy shining brighter
Than the sky on a Diwali night.
This is the closest I can get
To calling this house a home.
But is this truly where my heart is?

Goodies and Al-Baik
And Mom's typical lunch menu.
I taste it, but don't feel it.
I enjoy it, but don't cherish it.
I have it all and yet don't feel whole
Is this truly where my heart is?

Tonight the sky is filled
With lights, colours and love.
And the world is humming songs
Of hope, warmth and joy.
And I feel nothing but a longing,
A longing for change, to feel bliss.
A longing to get rid of this numbness.
Because I know, at least for now,
This isn't truly where my heart is.

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