Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Words I thought I'd never say..

As I sit here on my own, watching people fly through their fast lives, I realize how much my life has deaccelerated. I hadn't realized how close I had gotten to silence. I hadn't realized that the world around me was spinning and I wasn't moving anymore. I hadn't realized that I actually spend time breathing instead of panting.

Now I see the beauty of watching stray puppies play. I understand the joy of smiling at random kids and watch their eyes shine with innocence. I enjoy staring at the river flow. I enjoy the peace of cutting off the stressful and fast world and being alone.

I don't understand how I had missed to realize the bliss of all this. It's funny how this speed has messed with our minds so much. We are always busy running away from the truth and after happiness, we forget to stop and notice the happiness of just being here at this moment. Maybe it's time we realize that our definition of happiness isn't right after all. I know these are words that have been told so many times. I've read them myself earlier and laughed at how boring it sounded. But now sitting here, feeling joy, despite everything and everybody that have been taken from me, I realize how wrong my definitions of happiness,boredom and loneliness were.

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