Sunday, July 7, 2013

The voice of your conscience

Screams, swears and fists
Anger and pride that could kill
It started of as one on one
But now, sides have been taken
And as the number on each side increases
One's conscience slowly freezes.
The only work of each cell, each vein
Right now, is to somehow win this game
Because ego has taken power
The winning side must be ours!

"Stop", their conscience scream
Nobody listens, but it continues its plea
"Stop screaming and listen
To the voice of your conscience,
Who pleads you to stop this fight,
Who tries to show you the wrong and right
Please let you anger roll away,
This can be tackled in another way
With just a little sacrifice on both sides
There would be no reason to fight!"
"You give me no importance now
But soon you'll regret not listening to this sound
You may not understand what I say
But you'll realize it someday
Words spoken can never be taken back
And shattered trusts can never be put back
This world is a selfish place
They won't remember anything you gave
But remember they will ever word you said
And exactly how hurt they felt."

"Now slowly I let my voice go low,
But when the noise dies and life slowly flows
Make sure you've somewhere to go
Someone who'll sit by you and not lose hope
Because you never know a friend's true face
Until you actually lose a game!"

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